"Why is LeanSpoon food healthy?"

Our food is prepared by a culinary team, under the guidance of a nutritionist, in an HACCP compliant kitchen; all of which ensures its quality, nutrition, and hygiene. They are then customized for each individual’s medical and nutritional requirements, according to their respective health goals and then delivered to their doorstep. Our healthy food is also a culinary experience – we make sure of that!

"What is included in the LeanSpoon Nutrition advice?"

Assessing your present state and then helping you with practical and achievable goals to get 100% from your efforts. This includes an initial health and risks report, setting short and long term goals w.r.t nutrition, fitness, stress management, and a lot more. They also send information daily related to your specific goals and answer any questions you have – e.g. diet plans, exercise and fitness plans, calorie information, etc. The entire plan is completely personalized to you to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

"What if I don’t want LeanSpoon meals every day?"

We understand that sometimes you have other lunch plans, or traveling, or any other reason. Just cancel your meal the day before in your dashboard at leanspoon.com or call us at 040-4664-5555. It won’t affect your food subscription. But when you do have the chance, have the nutritious meals daily or as often as you can. Every healthy meal is one step closer to your health goals.

"Is Nutrition counselling compulsory?"

As part of your plan, you have access to the best nutritionist in Hyderabad. You can connect with them daily or never, that is completely up to your comfort. Eating nutritious food is not enough. When you know what is healthy for you, it’s easier to make healthier choices. Our nutritionists can guide you, considering your unique health condition, dietary habits, lifestyle pattern, goals, and other aspects which contribute to improving your lifestyle.

"Why should I chose LeanSpoon?"

LeanSpoon is a path to a healthier and a happier you in the present, and a gift to your future self. It combines food and information to take the path to avoiding lifestyle diseases. Over 60% of people in India succumb to avoidable lifestyle diseases, which can be easily managed through healthy food and nutrition information.

"Do I have to share my personal health information with us?"

This is completely up to you. Your information regarding your health conditions (if any), dietary habits, lifestyle, etc. help the nutritionist tailor the meals and counselling to your specific goals. We take extra care to keep your information confidential and do not share it with anyone.

"I’ve tried many plans already"

We can imagine. Trying those numerous diet plans, following the standard diet charts and opting for super foods or supplements, can never guarantee or sustain the results. But here at LeanSpoon, the goals are set by you, for you and we are here to help you achieve those goals. We guide, motivate, and provide you with all the information that you need to get to your goals. Try us and see for yourself.

"What makes LeanSpoon different from other nutrition companies?"

Absolutely everything, makes us unique and different from other nutrition companies. Beginning from the way we work, to the reason why we work, everything makes us unique. We are here to help you get to your goals and ensure that you have all the right information and motivation to get you there. We are here to get you to a healthier lifestyle, (and not to sell ‘super foods’, or diet pills, or premium plans).