Who we are

Every day, people are taking the decision to lead a healthy life, and need help with it. We are there for them. We are them. At LeanSpoon, we will shape the future of nutrition and health in India, because we believe we will impact lives for the better.

Impacting lives through food means making food people love what we cook. Impacting lived through Health means providing guidance and information that is accurate and practical. Doing this requires experience, creativity and passion that goes beyond any one job or department. When you are with LeanSpoon, creativity means taking risks, solving problems and taking responsibility.



LeanSpoon has fun-filled yet challenging work environment.


Honesty with our customers and transparency with our team, are our highest principles.


Talent which stems out of passion is recognized and admired in LeanSpoon.

Our Opportunities

Culinary Arts Team

Culinary arts team is among the founding pillars of LeanSpoon who take up the challenges put forth by the nutrition experts and yet manage to create miracles.

Nutrition Team

Nutrition team serves as the backbone of LeanSpoon by coming up with personalized, fun and creative ways to make the ‘art of healthy living’ possible and exciting.

Admin Team

The admin team not only forms the foundation, but it also binds the LeanSpoon family together. It could be organizing the ‘Galli Cricket’ tournament for the LeanSpoon team or taking care of the needs of clients to make their journey smoother.

Open Opportunity

Looking for a startup where your work can be valued? 
Do you think you can add value to what LeanSpoon does? 
Are you passionate about making a change in the health and wellness of our community?

Tell us.